Tesloop car service from LA to Palm Springs

tesloop car la palm springsGetting from Los Angeles to Palm Springs can’t always been convenient. Renting a car is the best option, but not everyone is keen to drive two hours in some of the worst and most intimidating traffic in the United States. Of course, you can fly or book a connection, but that’s not always inexpensive, and flight schedules can mean long waits. Now there’s a new way to get quickly and reliably from the LA-area to the Palm Springs/Coachella Valley region, and be able to relax along the way. It’s called Tesloop.

What is Tesloop car service?

Tesloop is the world’s first digital autonomous transport network. Using a fleet of electric cars, Tesloop shuttles passengers between the coast and the desert.


What are Tesloop pick up and drop off points?

You book your ride online by choosing where you’d like to be picked up; there’s a host of spots including hotels, coffee shops and public places. Similarly you’ve got options for where you want to be dropped off. Prices vary according to your choices, but a recently priced out ride from LA to Palm Desert was $69. LA to Palm Springs downtown was $59.  Tesloop can drop you all over the Coachella Valley from Cabazon all the way out to Indio so check their website to see if they’re heading where you are.

tesloop car service

Along with your lift, you can also choose which seat in the car you want, what time you need to depart, as well as select some complimentary extras, “including healthy snacks and beverages, noise canceling headphones, heated seats, a pillow menu and great music,” explains Tesloop’s website.

Who came up with Tesloop?

It’s worth noting Tesloop is not affiliated with the automaker Tesla, but instead sprung from the mind of a Santa Monica teenager. Haydn Sonnad wanted a Tesla so bad he convinced his father that buying the car and using it to shuttle passengers between California and Las Vegas could not only cover the cost of the $70,000 dream car, but that it could make a profit too.  So far, it’s working.

If you need to get back and forth between Palm Springs and LA and don’t want to drive yourself or fly, Tesloop is a cool new option to check out.

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